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The MBA Vantage Point

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Jane Silber is a board member of Canonical Ltd. and was its Chief Executive Officer from 2010 to 2017. Silber is also the chair of the board of The Sensible Code Company (whose products include QuickCode.) and Diffblue (whose products include Cover, an AI-driven unit test-writing tool). Silber joined Canonical in July 2004, where her work has included leading the Ubuntu One project and ensuring that large organizations find Ubuntu "enterprise-ready". She partially attributes the increasing attention to user research and design in open source since 2009 to Canonical's leadership in this area. Silber announced her transition out of the CEO role in April 2017, with Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth resuming the position from July 2017.Silber's earlier roles include Vice President of Interactive Television Company and Vice President of General Dynamics C4 Systems. She has also worked in Japan for Teijin Ltd conducting artificial intelligence research and product development, and in the US at General Health, a health risk assessment firm. She holds an MBA degree from Oxford University's Saïd Business School, an MSc degree in Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University, where she concentrated on machine learning and artificial intelligence work, and a BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haverford College.

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Article Title : Erden Eruç
Article Snippet :climbing with Eruç in Vantage, Washington. Eruç named his expedition the Six Summits Project. So far he has summitted three of the peaks including Denali
Article Title : Bob Bakish
Article Snippet :and Applied Science. He earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in 1989. After receiving his MBA, Bakish joined the management and technology consulting
Article Title : University of British Columbia
Article Snippet :To accompany this designation, the university created Vantage College to allow international students who do not meet the English language requirements
Article Title : Desperate Housewives Africa
Article Snippet :suspiciously digging up his garden. Rume narrates the series from her vantage point, giving an insight into the lives, mysteries and conflicts of these four
Article Title : Charles Phillips (businessman)
Article Snippet :North Carolina, where he worked on computer systems. Phillips obtained an MBA from Hampton University in 1986. He also attended New York Law School, obtaining
Article Title : Joseph Ianniello
Article Snippet :significant because, according to the New York Post, Ianniello was being poised to succeed Moonves as CEO at some point in the future. That contract extension
Article Title : Charles Giancarlo
Article Snippet :a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard University. He co-founded Telecom Systems
Article Title : Google Arts & Culture
Article Snippet :distorted until the viewer physically steps to the side of the painting. Once the viewer is looking at the shape from the intended vantage point, the lifelike

The A-I-3D MBA Vantage Point algorithm is the latest outcome of Artificial Intelligence applied to information processing. The A-I-3D MBA Vantage Point is based upon the unrivaled power of web scraping robots associated with neural networks and machine learning applied to the semantic analysis of hundred of thousands of different information sources such as Business Schools websites, discussion forums on Education topics, and everything needed for the computation of the full-time MBA rankings, based on a careful selection of meaningful indicators.

The A-I-3D MBA Vantage Point algorithm performs MBA statistical analysis of employment data collected according to the MBA CSEA Standards for Reporting Employment Statistics. These standards form the basis for defining how MBA programs should report full-time MBA employment statistics and other career information, including starting base salaries, signing bonuses, and what proportion of MBA graduates have jobs at graduation and three months after. Using industry standards ensures that the MBA Guidebook algorithm provides prospective students with accurate and comparable employment information for each school.

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Princeton University Graduate School

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (GW SMHS for short) was established in 1824, due to the need for doctors in the District of Columbia (DC). The school formally opened its doors a year later in 1825. It is the eleventh oldest medical school in the United States and the first medical school established in the nation's capital. The school has more than 700 medical students currently enrolled in its Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

GW saw rise in the number of applications, to 14,649 applications in 2012.

The George Washington University School of Medicine is at the forefront of technology for research and application. GW's innovations include the six-million volt linear accelerator, a radioisotope laboratory, and the first operating theaters with overhead observation decks, among others. Political figures, such as former Vice President Dick Cheney and former First Lady Laura Bush, also come to GW for routine and emergency procedures. The school was in the national spotlight in 1981 when US President Ronald Reagan, shot at close range, was rushed to its ER for surgery.

The Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library is the academic library for GW SMHS.

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3D Business School rankings

RankBusiness School3D Score
#1Harvard Business School97.9
#2Wharton Business School96.7
#3Yale School of Management95.6
#4Columbia School of Management94.6
#5Skema Business School93.4
#6Sloan School of Management92.4
#7London Business School91.2
#8Stanford School of Business90.2
#9Kellogg School of Management89.2
#10Haas School of Business87.9

3D MBA programs tuition costs and fees

RankSchoolTotal MBA cost2-years tuition
#4Chicago Booth$165,190$101,800
#5Dartmouth Tuck$162,750$101,400
#6MIT Sloan$160,378$100,706
#7Harvard Business School$158,800$100,706
#9Yale School of Management$151,982$99,800